Submitting a profile to Gymfluencers gives us permission to execute the following: 

  1. Publicly showcase the talent. 
  2. Privately provide our brands with the talents name, information and cost per post (determined by us based on the rate give and your commission %). 
  3. To actively generate offers to be presented to you the agent. 

Gymfluencers will always:

  1. Send all offers to you (the acting agent). 
  2. Promote your talent to all relevant brands that we represent. 
  3. Pay the influencer instantly once the post is made. 
  4. Pay you the agent instantly once the post is made. 
  5. Follow the payment terms left in the notes when you signed the talent to our network. 
  6. Send you all offers to accept or decline before finalising them with the brand. 
  7. Show the offer proposed in full inc timeframe, edits, links, tags, codes, quality, payment, terms and conditions and everything else. 

Gymfluencers will never: 

  1. Contact your talent directly. 
  2. Promote false rates. 
  3. Send your client details to brands that are ill fitting to the clients personality, sport and persona. 
  4. Automatically accept an offer from a brand partner. 

Talent is expected to: 

  1. Complete the collaboration based on the offer they accept. 
  2. Never delete the content posted unless otherwise agreed. 
  3. Represent the brand to the highest standards. 


The agent acting on behalf of the talent agrees to cover all costs associated to the brand collaboration if the talent breaches any of the terms and conditions highlighted in the accepted offer. The total costs is the total paid to the influencer and the agent only and will be refunded to Gymfluencers within 3 months of the offense taking place. 

The only offense is the removal of content. 

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