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Gymfluencers are one of the easiest agencies to work with, briefs are super clear and their payment system is flawless.
Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency UK
I’ve loved every collaboration I’ve done, including The Body Shop and Wild Deodorant!
Working with Gymfluencers has given me some amazing opportunities including The Body Shop and HelloFresh.
Working with Gymfluencers and the brands they represent has been amazing.
Working with Gymfluencers has been incredible! They’ve allowed me to work with brands such as The Body Shop, Green Chef and Fitness First.
Most recently I worked on a reel for The Body Shop organised by Gymfluencers, I had so much fun showing my creative side to showcase these amazing products.

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  4. Taking no offense to any products which are received and understanding they are sent out on mass and randomly. 
  5. To understand that we (Gymfluencers) have no responsibility for the brand or the products sent. You should check that the product is safe to use before consuming and or using. 
  6. When you receive a product you MUST post a story, tag the brand and with a review of the product or mentioning that you are going to be trying it. Reviews are not necessary. The story could be a picture or video of the product with a clear caption and @ mention. 
  7. You the receiver are responsible for finding the brands social page and or website to complete all relevant tasks. Gymfluencers can assist (please DM).
  8. The brand owns all of the content you release and can re-purpose it as they wish.

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